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Hanging Weights

Hanging Weights
Item# SK-559

Product Description

Professional weights for braiding! Many people like to use weights on their braids made with the KumiLoom™, similar to the procedure used on the large wooden marudai. Although the slots on the handheld disk provide tension in place of the weights, the weight can provide a more consistent weave, alleviating the need to pull on the braid every few minutes.

Two sizes: medium (about 3 ounces/85 grams) and lightweight (about 1.6 ounces/45 grams). The lightweight is great for 8 strands of 1mm cord or smaller (such as braiding a beaded necklace), or 16 strands of beading cord; the medium weight for larger (1˝mm) or more strands.

Beautifully crafted of machined steel with heavy-duty alligator clips attached. They look and feel great, and will do the job for you!

(Note: As the manufacturer transitions to an upgraded style, some of the weights may have a small hook added at the bottom. The rest of the weight is identical to the picture above; the small hook can be used to hang even more weight, or that end turned up to hook into the braid rather than clip.)