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Rattail Satin Braiding Cord
Medium (1˝ mm) by the Yard

Rattail Satin Braiding Cord<br>Medium (1˝ mm) by the Yard
Item# SK-581
$0.40, 5/$1.50, 200/$44.00

Product Description

Genuine, US-made Rattail® satin braiding cord. This is the medium size—about 1˝mm in diameter (often called 2mm, but it measures 1˝mm). An 8-strand braid of this material will make an approximately 6mm diameter braid.

This cord is made of rayon, and has a wonderful silky feel and the best soft drape of any cords we have.

Available by the yard...for example, for an 8-strand braided necklace made with the round braid on the KumiLoom™, you'll need four 3-yard strands.

Only 30˘ per yard if you get 5 yards or more! You choose "add to cart" then change the quantity to the number of yards you want in your shopping cart. You can order multiple colors, and the quantity discount will apply as soon as you've purchased a total of 5 yards in any combination.