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6/0 Matte Beads

6/0 Matte Beads
Item# SB-202m
$3.00, 5/$13.75

Product Description

(Colors may be mixed for the quantity discount)

Size 6/0 seed beads by Japanese Matsuno and Miyuki manufacturers. One tube is the right amount for one beaded necklace or a heavily beaded bracelet.

These are the beads we include in our beaded necklace and beaded bracelet project kits.

In the name, AB means aurora borealis (iridescent).

Sometimes production runs have slightly different dye lots, so if you need two or more tubes of beads to match exactly (if you are making several projects and you really want them to be identical) it is best to order the beads at the same time.

Packed in a 5 inch plastic tube for convenient storage. Each tube is about 23g or about 280 beads.

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