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PPA Adhesive

PPA Adhesive
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Although PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive) is often marketed for paper crafts, it happens to be a universal, flexible, UV-protective, archival, acid-free, pure acrylic adhesive. Water clean up while still wet. Permanent when dry.

It is the first non-toxic adhesive we have found to be durable and versatile enough for kumihimo projects! We use it to soak into and seal a spot in a braid so it can be cut without unraveling and to permanently attach clasp end caps to a braid.

PPA Matte adheres to virtually any non-oily surface—including metal, glass, wood, plastic, leather, and paper. Non-toxic, easy to use. It won't bond fingers. Dries transparent, non-glossy, and non-tacky—ideal for fiber braids. The small one ounce bottle lasts a long time and is a handy size for a portable craft. It comes with instructions for attaching kumihimo braids to end caps.

In a nutshell, you can dip the braid in in the PPA (or paint it on) and press it into an end. A little oozing or smearing isn't a problem since it is as safe and easy to use as a white craft glue. Just wipe away excess with a finger or a tissue. The trick is in the drying. You must set your completed project gently aside undisturbed for several hours to air dry down inside the end cap…overnight is recommended. As with most adhesives, keep the bottle closed when not in use, to prevent drying out.

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